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World-class Online Roulette at Spin Casino

Experience premium online roulette in Ontario at Spin Casino – one of the best table games to play.  

Double or nothing anyone?
Real Auto Roulette
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Types Of Online Roulette

Dating back to 18th-century France, this captivating game not only reached other continents, but also evolved over the last two centuries, allowing us to play roulette online today, whenever and wherever we please. At Spin Casino, we offer the 3 types of roulette online:

  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
Turbo Auto Roulette
It’s an ultra-fast roulette game with realistic and futuristic graphics.
Turbo Auto Roulette Table Game
Real Auto Roulette
Real action at the wheel in real time.
Real Auto Roulette Table Game
European Roulette
Offers one of the lowest house advantages around.
European Roulette Table Game
Real Roulette With Bailey
Your hostess will reveal a live result.
Real Roulette With Bailey Table Game
Real Roulette with Caroline
Watch the real-time roulette wheel spin.
Real Roulette with Caroline Table Game

Know the table

The table is divided into outside and inside sections and accommodates various betting preferences, including specific numbers and broader categories like odds/evens and red/black.

Know The Wheel - The table is divided into outside and inside sections and accommodates various betting preferences, including specific numbers and broader categories like odds/evens and red/black.

Betting Options - Inside bets focus on specific numbers or groups, while Outside bets encompass broader options like red/black or odd/even. Betting on single numbers in offers high payouts but entails greater risk. A straight-up bet pays 35:1, translating to a 35x return on the original stake.

Placing Bets - Using chips of varying denominations, you place your bets on the layout to indicate your selections. Multiple bets can be made on a single spin, increasing your potential rewards when playing .

Roulette Online Rules

There are some key rules to understand when playing roulette online in Ontario, such as:

Payouts - Different types of bets offer varying payout odds, with riskier bets offering higher potential rewards. For instance, a straight-up bet on a single number typically pays out at 35 to 1, while even-money bets like red or black yield a 1 to 1 payout.

Extra Rules:

Certain variants of feature special rules such as:

  • En Prison: This rule applies in select versions of roulette. If the ball lands on zero, players' even-money bets (e.g., red/black or odd/even) are not immediately lost. Instead, these bets are "imprisoned" for another spin. If the bet wins on the subsequent spin, players receive their original bet back; however, if it loses, the bet is forfeited.
  • La Partage: Found in some roulette online variations in Ontario, La Partage comes into play when the ball lands on zero. In this scenario, players' even-money bets (e.g., red/black or odd/even) are split in half. They receive back half of their initial wager, while the other half is claimed by the house.

How To Play Online Roulette

  1. Choose a Roulette Game: When logged in, navigate to the Tables > Roulette section and select a title.
  2. Place Your Bets: Select individual numbers, groups of numbers, odd or even, colours (red or black), or low (1-18) or high (19-36) numbers.
  3. Spin the Wheel: Once your bets are placed, click/tap the spin button for the online roulette game’s wheel to be spun in one direction and the ball released in the opposite.
  4. Wait for Results: See when the ball lands on a colour-coded, numbered pocket to determine the winning outcome.
  5. Collect Winnings: If yours is a winning bet, your winnings will be auto credited to your roulette online casino account.
  6. Repeat or Cash Out: Either place new bets for the next round or cash out your winnings and exit the online roulette game.
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Make your inside or outside bets.

How to Play Roulette Image

Watch as the dealer spins the wheel and releases the ball

How to Play Roulette

he ball comes to rest in a pocket when the wheel stops.

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The winning outcome will be revealed.

Roulette Strategy Online Categories

There are two main categories of online roulette betting strategies in Ontario – each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages – as shown below:

  • Progressive Betting - Involves adjusting your wagers based on previous outcomes, often employing a doubling strategy. Examples include the Martingale system (increasing bets after losses) and the Paroli system (raising bets after wins). While offering excitement, progressive strategies entail higher risks.
  • Non-Progressive Betting - Like constant betting, this type of strategy maintains consistent wager amounts regardless of past results. This approach aims for stability and lower risk, avoiding fluctuations in bet sizes to influence roulette odds.

Roulette Online Strategies

While no roulette strategy can ensure success online in Ontario, several popular strategies do exist, which we explore below:

  • Martingale - A risky yet popular roulette online strategy, where bets are doubled after each loss. The aim is to recover previous losses with a single win. Although effective in the short term, it carries significant risk during extended losing streaks.
  • Andrucci System - Centres on the concept of certain hot numbers being more likely to appear on a frequent basis. However, it lacks a solid mathematical basis, making it an unreliable approach for how to play roulette online.
  • Constant Bet - Entails making the same bet amount on every spin, irrespective of preceding outcomes. An uncomplicated method, the risk factor is relatively low.
  • D'Alembert - A popular approach to online casino roulette, it involves adjusting your bet by one unit after a loss and decreasing it by one unit after a win. While it doesn't guarantee a long-term advantage, it provides a structured method for managing bets.
  • Double Street Quad - Involves placing bets on two neighbouring "double streets" and a corner bet at the same time, covering a wide array of numbers on the roulette table online. Although it offers increased coverage, it does not alter the underlying odds and remains subject to the house edge.
  • Fibonacci Sequence - Includes increasing bets following a specific sequence after losses, with the aim of recovering prior losses upon winning. While it provides a systematic betting pattern, it does not change the inherent house edge and is regarded as being a high-risk option.
  • James Bond Strategy -  Involves placing certain bets to cover a large portion of the roulette wheel online. While it aims to enhance winning chances, it does not assure long-term profitability and can result in losses if the ball lands on unfavourable numbers.
  • Labouchere - Also referred to as the cancellation system, this comprises creating a sequence of numbers and altering bets based on the sum of the sequence. Despite eliminating numbers from the sequence, it does not alter the online roulette game odds and requires careful management to avoid losses.
  • Parlay Roulette - Allows winnings to ride on the same bet after a win, potentially leading to substantial profits during winning streaks. However, it also carries the risk of losing everything during losing streaks.
  • Paroli - A roulette doubling strategy where online bets are doubled after each win, aiming to capitalise on winning streaks. It can help players to secure profits but does not alter the fundamental odds of roulette.



Roulette Table - Even or Odd numbers?
Online Roulette at Spin Casino
Roulette Table - Even or Odd numbers
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Factors Influencing Roulette Strategies

Effective roulette online strategies hinge on the following three key variables:

  • Betting Limits - This dictates the minimum and maximum wager amounts permitted per . Lower limits suit conservative, non-progressive approaches, while higher limits accommodate progressive systems reliant on increasing bets post-losses.
  • Game Type - Online roulette variants in Ontario, such as European, American, and French, differ in wheel pockets and house edge. European Roulette, with a single-zero wheel, offers better odds, while American Roulette includes a double-zero pocket. Understanding these distinctions aids in aligning strategies with desired outcomes.
  • Bet Selection - Entails choosing specific wagers on the table, ranging from straightforward even-money bets to more intricate Inside bets. Different strategies leverage various bet types, influencing risk levels and potential rewards.

Choose The Best Online Roulette Casino Strategy For You

There’s no single winning strategy when you play online roulette in Ontario. Your choice will hinge on personal preferences and risk tolerance and it's crucial to acknowledge that no strategy can outsmart the house edge in online casino roulette. Instead of seeking guarantees, prioritise selecting strategies that resonate with your style, enjoy the game for its entertainment value, and always gamble responsibly.

Roulette Strategy

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Online Roulette Tips

  • Master the rules: Familiarise yourself with the basics of the game and explore the diverse betting options available.
  • Opt for the right variant: Choose the best online roulette casino game for you. For a different style of play, European or French Roulette can have favourable odds compared to the American variant.
  • Control your bankroll: Establish a budget and adhere to it to prevent excessive losses. Consider shorter, focused sessions when you play online roulette to avoid impulsive bets and decide on clear exit points based on winnings or loss limits.
  • Diversify your bets: Blend Inside and Outside bets to balance potential rewards and risk effectively.
  • Study the wheel: While some players seek patterns in every online roulette game, it’s important acknowledge that each spin is independent with random outcomes.
  • Practice responsible gambling: Avoid chasing losses and refrain from playing online roulette for real money with funds beyond your means.
  • Embrace the fun: Chance/luck plays a significant role in every online roulette game, so always prioritise enjoyment over a guaranteed profit mindset.

Online Roulette Ontario Terminology

  • Number Bet: Wager placed on any number section across the table grid.
  • Carré: French term for Corner Bet.
  • Cheval: French term for Split Bet.
  • Colonne: French term for Column Bet.
  • Column Bet: Wager on one of the three vertical number columns on the grid.
  • Double Zero (00): Additional pocket exclusively in American Roulette, raising the house advantage.
  • French Bets: Wagering across multiple wheel sections simultaneously to cover all numbers.
  • House Edge: Casino's inherent statistical advantage in an online roulette game, typically represented as a percentage indicating the expected profit from each bet in the long term.
  • Orphans: Bet on specific numbers (6, 34, and 17) adjacent to each other on the wheel but distant on the table.
  • Orphelians: Bet on specific group of numbers adjacent to each other on the wheel but distant on the table.
  • Pockets: Wheel sections where the ball may land, numbered 1–36, including 0 in European/French Roulette, or 00 in American Roulette.
  • Six Line: Bet covering two adjacent rows of numbers (totalling 6) on the table grid.
  • Sixainne: French term for a 6-line bet in roulette online.
  • Straight-Up Bet: Wager on a single number with the highest payout.
  • Split Bet: Wager on two adjacent numbers on the grid, offering a 17:1 payout.
  • Tiers Du Cylindre: Bet on a row of 3 numbers, placed at the edge of the specific row on the roulette table.
  • Voisins du Zero: Bet on a specific group of numbers neighbouring zero on the roulette online wheel.
  • Zero: Pocket marked as 0 or, in American Roulette, 00 on the wheel.

Online Roulette Ontario FAQs

Can strategies show you how to win online roulette?

No, but they can enhance your playing experience if used correctly. When you play online roulette for real money, remember this is inherently a game of chance, so no strategy can ensure consistent wins over time as they do not alter the fundamental odds of the game.

What is the best online roulette casino strategy?

As online roulette in Ontario relies on chance, there isn't a singular best strategy. Opt for one that matches your risk tolerance and goals, while accepting that no strategy can guarantee continuous success

Are roulette strategies illegal online?

Roulette strategies are not illegal online as they involve betting and wager management within the game's framework. However, they don't assure winnings and should be used responsibly.

What’s a good strategy for how to beat online roulette?

Though no strategy guarantees victory, players do opt for methods like the Martingale, Fibonacci, or D’Alembert systems based on their preferences. Each strategy carries its own risk profile

What is the safest roulette online casino strategy?

While no strategy ensures consistent wins, some are less risky. The safest approach involves responsible gaming, setting limits, and understanding roulette's inherent nature as an online game of chance.

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