Rapid Roulette: A Modern and Fast Take on a Classic Game

image of rapid roulette

The vast leaps made in science and technology have definitely introduced a lot of significant changes in our lives. Automation is a given in most, if not all, industries, and human effort is now optimized and multiplied several times over with the use of machines that are able to do more things at a faster time. Whether or not this is a good thing is really still up in the air as both sides can give very good and valid arguments. However, there can be no argument that, at the very least, automation has allowed us to do "old" things, i.e., things that we have often done in the past, in new and more novel ways.

This is true even in our forms of entertainment, as in the case of the classic game roulette and one of its modern incarnations, the rapid roulette. This game, which can be traced all the way back to its inception sixteen years ago in 2000, makes use of computerization for the calculation of the payouts and for betting. Not surprisingly, another of its precursor is also a machine game, this time in slots, the Australian or Aussie roulette.

As in the case of most enhancements or upgrades of existing ideas, rapid roulette makes the most of the good points of the earlier versions. Therefore, it utilizes real, live casino croupiers which makes most players comfortable, unlike the Aussie game which did away with them, and which turned out to be one of the reasons for its slow take up by the market. Also, winning numbers are still determined by a wheel and ball. What it did do away with are the casino chips since betting is now done on computers which are strategically arranged around table.

An interested player simply transacts with the dealer to buy the virtual chips which he can then use with a convenient touch-and-drag maneuver to the position of choice. The game lives up to its name as it does a countdown after which no more wagers may be placed. Winning calculations and payouts are also done fast with a mere click of a button.

Surely, rapid roulette has found its place in the hearts and lives of modern players used to the fast lifestyle.