Best Online Fruit Machines For Canadian Players

Many people probably don't have a clue where the term "Fruit Machine" comes from, so I will tell you. The game is actually a result of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company's early slots gimmick. The winner would get a payout of fruit-flavored gum. People could win the gum if they got the right symbols with cherries, melons, and others. Thus starts the history of these fun slot games. Charles Fey of San Francisco is said to have invented the one-armed bandit machine in 1887. It was a device with three spinning reels that contained a total of five symbols. The symbols were were horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and the Liberty Bell. His Liberty Bell game was a huge success.

Fey couldn't keep up with demand for his Liberty Bell venture. In 1907, Herbert Mills produced another machine called the Operator Bell, and many of these apparatuses were getting installed in cigar shops, saloons, and other locations. Many people came along to develop even better versions as time went by. In this day and age, the evolution of the game has changed a great deal from the original one-armed bandit titles. You don't have to pull a lever anymore and you don't need to bet pennies. Some devices are still handle-based, but now the best fruit machines are online. Spin Palace Casino is one of these casinos and one of my favorites as it is offering great bonuses, high jackpots, and the chance to win big.

Looking at the history of the device, I see that it has come a long way. Beginning after 1996, hand-held versions and mobile devices became highly popular. Today's contraptions are colorful and computerized, with interactive touchscreens and superb graphics and audio to add to the excitement of the experience. Spin Palace Casino offers one of the best online fruit machines, in my opinion, because it meets all of the criteria by having great graphics and design, exceptional playability and an easy to use platform. Looking back at all of the transformations that the game's 100+ year history have given us, it still can be said that these games offer a lot of fun and a lot of potential for winning, and it is easy to see why they're still so popular.